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After-sales commitment
  1. Complimentary hardware accessories, including: hinges, slide rails, handles, connection fasteners, screws and other related accessories, provide 3 ‰ of conventional spare parts according to a certain percentage of the delivered quantity.
  2. After the product is installed, our company will finish the work on site and clean the furniture.
  3. For customers who purchase our products, if there is an emergency within six years of free warranty, if the main materials need to be replaced and they must be returned to the factory for processing, our company will provide free temporary loan service for the products to ensure the normal work needs of customers After the product is repaired, the borrowed product will be taken back after processing.
  4. Free pre-use training for users, precautions for daily use of furniture, daily maintenance of furniture, etc.
  5. Regular telephone return visits. Every year, our company sends professionals for free to conduct a comprehensive inspection and maintenance.
  6. In the process of using your product, our company provides the removal, disassembly and reassembly of the product.
  7. At the same time as the product is delivered and used, a batch of daily maintenance tools for the product is given away
After-sales service and quality assurance commitment
  Our company regards quality as life, and we will provide you with the best service with the fastest speed and integrity. After-sale service work should reflect the attitude of serving the customer wholeheartedly from the aspects of prevention, timely and records. The company has a highly skilled management, design, production and installation team. Wherever we purchase our products, we strictly abide by the product warranty and life-long maintenance commitments, with confidence in Phoenix furniture products and guarantees to customers.
  After-sales service details:
  1. These rules apply to the furniture products sold by the company. The guarantee commitment is subject to the purchase and sale contract.
  2. Since the acceptance date, we provide customers with a six-year product warranty and lifetime maintenance services.
  3. Regularly perform maintenance and service after product acceptance.
  4. After half a year, return visits every quarter to learn about the use of furniture, so that regular repairs and maintenance can be performed. The content is as follows:
  a. Replace damaged accessories. (Except man-made damage)
  b. Repair and replace vulnerable parts, such as hinges, locks, handles, etc.
  c. Product maintenance and modification
  5. During the six-year warranty period, the company will repair or replace free of charge quality problems in furniture manufacturing and furniture accessories.
  6. Warranty and maintenance response, implement 7 × 24 hours after-sales service, in the main urban area of ​​Chongqing, respond within 2 hours after receiving the call for repair, solve the problem within 8 hours, outside the main urban area, depending on the distance 8-12 hours to arrive Fix the problem within 24 hours at the repair site. (Maintenance Tel: 023-68552631)
  7, due to quality reasons can not be resolved in a timely manner, the company provides customers with spare products for free
  8. During the warranty period, we can provide product renovation, relocation, disassembly and other services according to customer requirements.
  9. If the furniture or spare parts are damaged due to improper use of the customer, the cost of repair or replacement shall be charged as appropriate, and the working hours will be waived.
  10. Customer service personnel establish customer files, record customer contact information, purchased products, and maintain records.
Out-of-warranty service commitment
  1. All our products manufactured by the company have corresponding product instruction manuals, installation diagrams, maintenance manuals and quality inspection procedures certification documents.
  2. Warranty period: After the delivery and installation are completed, it will be calculated from the date of passing the acceptance inspection (the period is six years and life-long service).
  2. after the end of the warranty period, promise:
  (1). If the warranty period expires or the damage is caused by improper use, maintenance, or storage, we will waive the maintenance man-hour costs and automobile transportation costs, and only charge the cost of materials.
  (2) All our products enjoy life-long guarantee service.
  (3) customers need to charge only material costs for product demolition, restructuring, and refurbishment.

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